Hot wheels belt, cars, and a Hot Shots set for sale.
Hot Wheels Rigor Motor, red
Hot Wheels Purple Passion from mid-90's
#247 Rigor Motor, metallic red, mint on card.  Light bend in upper right corner of card.  Card marked '92, but I recall car bought new around '95.  Price $8.00
#87 Purple Passion, metallic purple with yellow/green flames.  Mint on card.  Card marked '91 but I recall bought new around '95.  Price $8.00
Hot Shots dragster set box
Hot Shots Cool Duel dragster set, back of box
Hot Shots dragster set contents
Hot Shots Cool Duel set, 1971.  This Hot Wheels spin-off featured rip cord powered dragsters which raced down Hot Wheels track. This set unfortunately has no cars, it just includes the following:

Set box, fair condition, bottom side is bent as shown.  One side end flap is torn off but it's included inside the set if you want to repair it.  Contents are 15 pieces of black track in good condition with no splits where you join the sections togther, 6 black joiners (missing the rest), and 1 instruction sheet in fair condition with some discoloration on one end.  Box makes for a cool looking drag display piece.  Price $48.00
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